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    Nikita Izmailov founder of an investment company

    Why did I choose this field of study?

    First of all, it is due to my mathematical mind. But at the same time, he always thought about a profession, which in one way or another will be related to business. And now the goal is really achieved, as he has his own project, which is considered one of the most famous in Ukraine. Nikita Izmailov and sportsbank is the first association that comes to mind, even taking into account the fact that he worked with the bookmaker's office Paris Match for quite a long time.

    How did you study?

    Already in his 2nd year, Nikita began to think tightly about his own ventures, and managed to make a satirical newspaper "Bag" with a circulation of about 10 thousand copies. It was a regular issue three times a week, with no more than 15 pages printed. But it became clear right away that you could not make any money that way.

    The second project was a network for the distribution of plastic windows. Students and even one of the professors supported the ideas and even helped a lot.

    Already after graduation, I moved to the capital and for about half a year wanted to get a job in the big four. Often I was on various interviews, and at the same time was engaged in the realization of furniture from a vine. Earnings were not bad, as I worked closely with Epicenter, and the plus was that I managed to learn international accounting and auditing standards. So this played a role in getting the desired position. And after I got the job, things started to develop vigorously.

    What about Pari Match?

    At a time when the project was undergoing a rebirth, so that new personnel was just right, Nikita was invited to the position.

    In fact, there was a bit of luck in this, as a good acquaintance worked for the company. After some conversation it became clear that the position was very suitable, and it was worth a try.

    Why did it not work out?

    In fact, everything was very good, as many people were happy to cooperate and wanted only the best. That's why more experienced people told me that I should try my own business, everything will work out for sure, there will be no problems.

    What did working with a betting company give me?

    First of all, it was an opportunity to create new structures, both financial and legal, from scratch. At the time of hiring the company's website was more of an information resource where you could place bets, but there was no talk about licensing, about the possibility of cashless payments.

    How did the N1 project start?

    There was enough knowledge and opportunities in finance and payments, the banking system and so on. And all this can be taken to a completely different level, not corresponding to the level of a bookmaker's office. In addition, support played a role.

    Initially, there were proposals to take over fintech projects under their own responsibility. And it immediately became clear that there was no way out without its own management structure. That is how the company N1 appeared.


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