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    Which Forex broker is better this year?

    In order not to be deceived and not to remain without profit, and without your initial Deposit, you should responsibly approach the choice of a broker. Rating Forex brokers will help narrow down the search to the Top companies in reliability, but from this list you need to choose the organization that best suits your needs. Today, there can be many such ratings, but as a rule, the main indicators for brokers to get into them are:
    customer feedback;
    the popularity of the trading terminal;
    the geographical coverage of the brokerage business;
    media publication;
    availability of awards from rating agencies.
    Comparing the ratings, which are compiled by different companies taking into account their preferences, you will notice that Forex brokers in the top ten, do not change much, just depending on the rating occupy the appropriate places. What factors are important for you, decide for yourself. For example, working under an FCA license can add 30 out of 70 possible points to one rating and not be counted in another. One of the best forex brokers is Grand capital with their no deposit bonus account. Last year I tried to get grandcapital no deposit bonus 500 dollars for forex trading and it was very easy without stupid verification process. At the same time, the presence of even three authoritative licenses is not a guarantee against the ruin of the brokerage company that owns them.
    The trader first needs to find a company through which he could comfortably trade, operating in small amounts, and timely withdraw money from the trading account.
    It is recommended to compare companies offering the same trading platforms, for example MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5. For successful work in the Forex market You need to decide on the choice of a broker. If you still do not have the opportunity to operate with large amounts and just got acquainted with this type of activity, then the Forex brokers presented by me can help you in your work.
    What is their advantage? And it lies in the minimum requirements for the size of the initial Deposit, which is necessary to enter the foreign exchange market and in low spreads.
    The choice of different brokers that offer their services is quite large. And it is simply impossible to single out any of them, saying that this broker provides services on Forex, better than all others. Much, if not all, depends On your habits, goals and trading strategies used.
    The functions and tasks of a Forex broker
    The main task of the broker is to bring client orders to the market and search for a counterparty with the most favorable offer. However companies also perform other functions:
    Analysis of the market situation and providing the client with up-to-date analytical information;
    Financial reporting in accordance with the legislation, protection of confidential information of traders;
    Control of risks in transactions and timely informing the client about them;
    If necessary – assessment of potential profitability of transactions, investment advice to clients;
    Provision of trust management services, mediation in the search for a professional trader or investor;
    Training in the basics of trading in the financial markets, paid or free.
    The more different services a broker offers to potential clients, the more traders and investors will want to cooperate with such a company.
    InstaForex is a broker from which traders prefer to start trading. Let's start with InstaForex company, founded in 2007 and having its official representative offices in almost 20 countries. To trade, the broker offers to use the MT4 trading platform, which is popular among traders. You should not trust companies whose activities are not regulated in any way. However, it should be understood that a reputable regulator, which has issued a license on strict financial conditions, will not rush to resolve disputes between a trader and a broker. In case of conflict situations, you will face a long paperwork under the jurisdiction of the country where the regulator "rules". It can be easier to choose from brokerage companies that are self-regulatory organizations and solve issues quickly and transparently.
    International licensed brokerage company RoboForex Ltd appeared on the market in 2009. It operates under a special brokerage license of the International Financial Services Commission of Belize IFSC/60/271/TS/17. In addition, RoboForex Ltd is an official member of the international independent organization The Financial Commission and is also a member of the Compensation Fund of the Commission. The Fund provides insurance indemnities up to 20 000 USD to clients working with IFC member companies.
    FXOpen Broker. An old-timer of the financial market (founded in 2004) broker Fxopen is known for its outstanding analysts of stock exchanges and the currency market. Trading with the broker is carried out using the popular MT4 trading platform.
    All of the above Forex brokers regularly occupy a leading position in most ratings, so many experienced traders recommend to look at them more closely and decide which is better to start trading.


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